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Rashes Treatment

Rashes and skin irritations are caused by many different factors including illness, allergies, insect bites and even heredity. Most rashes are not contagious, but in the event that a contagion is found, proper precautions will be taken to contain the rash. Rest assured that there is a medical treatment for almost every type of rash and skin irritation.

During your first visit to Angela Azar, Dr. Angela Azar will examine your rash and obtain a complete medical history. In most cases, rash treatment will consist of a prescription for a topical medical cream to reduce inflammation or physician strength skin care products. In some cases, laser or chemical treatments might be necessary. In rarer cases, Dr. Angela Azar may need to take a tissue sample to determine the exact cause and extent of the rash. Once a determination for treatment is made, Dr. Angela Azar will explain your options to you in detail.

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